Discussion of the history of the name of the station “Wivelsfield” and other railway matters

I have done a bit of research on the history myself, and I think the accident you refer to occurred in 1899, not 1886. I do use the trains a fair bit (when there are any actually running!), although not as a commuter, as I have been retired from full-time employment for over 15 years. I have to say I think our station is one of the least welcoming and attractive on the entire line, and apart from the electronic display screens seems virtually unchanged since the line was electrified in the 1920s. If nothing else, it could do with having lifts installed – getting up to the platforms via 60 steps is exhausting, especially when burdened with any heavy luggage.

During my research I stumbled on a plan to create a flyover at Keymer Junction which would eliminate conflicts between Northbound trains from Lewes and Southbound trains heading to Brighton. This plan apparently involves adding two additional platforms at Wivelsfield station. Can’t see it ever happening, at least not in my lifetime, but the mere existence of such a scheme may inhibit doing any improvement work in the short term. But one can hope!

Ian Turnbull

Hi Ian, Thank you for your message and your interest in Worlds End. The committee did consider changing the name of the station about 8 years ago. At the time we sucessfuly lobbied for the Recreation ground to revert to its original name, from Janes Lane to Worlds End Recreation ground. We also got the general store to change its name to WE Stores and the Post Office changed too (was called North End) So we felt happy to rest on our laurels after that which took quite a while to achieve!. The station was originally called Keymer Junction (the name of a small village near Hassocks) but officials coming down from London for official functions got confused as, looking for Keymer village, they got off to find they still had a three mile walk to Keymer! So to avoid confusion the name was changed to Wivelsfield, which is the name of the parish we were in. Still rather confusing as you say! The station was also moved north from the junction to its present site that time. This was back in the 1880’s. There was also a serious accident in 1899 and this was another reason for a move. We did raise the question of changing the station name at the time. Burgess Hill North and Worlds End were both suggested but one BH Councillor felt it may encourage some potential suicides to be tempted to, sadly, end their lives there, in Worlds End. So we gave up then as we had done quite well with the PO, rec.,and store! But it can be revived as an idea. In view of your interest would you like to join the Association? membership is £5 per household per year and we generally try to look after the area. I can drop you in a form.

In conclusion, you are welcomed to Worlds End


Chair WEA






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