Litter Picking

On Saturday 18th March a small band of litter pickers turned up at the recreation ground to collect their litter pickers and bags in wet miserable conditions.

Some decided to cover Junction Road, others picked around the children’s playground (where there was plenty – wouldn’t you think parents would take care to put it in a bin!) and 2 of us went along the bridleway off Manor Road. The litter there has been appalling lately and everyone who uses it for dog walking, riding or biking has been having a moan about it.

We started at the far end where the path meets the first footpath and picked from there back to Manor Road, climbing down the ditch and helping each other get out again! We collected a full bag which was so heavy, we couldn’t carry it to the car so left it by a litter bin and asked MSDC to pick it up on Monday. We spent just an hour and the job is still not finished but it looks so much tidier. We’ll be back! It was a worthwhile task and appreciation was shown by many passers by so if you want to join us look out for an email or a notification on this web site.






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